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Hi There Pizza Lovers!! Forro’s Pizza is a New Food Truck in Stark County, Ohio that's cooking up hand stretched, made to order, mouthwatering wood fired pizza.

The ones with melted cheese, the finest toppings, and delicious crust cooked in a Real Wood Fired Oven? Yeah, that kind! Check out our pictures below!

Whether you want to have us satisfy your pizza cravings at your event, or party, or just grab a pie at a local business we are at, we have you covered! Check out our schedule below.

We are so excited to serve you and be there to cater your next event! 🍕🍕🍕

Don't Wait, Book Your Catering Event With Us Now Before We Get Full! We Book Event's Up To 18 Months Ahead!!

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Comments (5)

Jun 29

Are you all anywhere July 4th? Hosting a get together at my house plain township


I love me a family owned business. Especially when food is involved. We drove from Yorktown VA, to visit family and have been following the schedule of the Forro's Pizza truck. We were able to meet up on 9 June at the Lady Bug garden market. Dill pickle, kickin chicken and Forro's favorite pizza. All delicious 😋. This will not disappoint.


May 26

Hi! It’s Deb from Tequila Mary. We played at Evergreen RV Park and you made us the best pizza I’ve had in a long time. We ordered two pizza’s. One pepp and cheese and one pickle pizza. I am in love with the pickle pizza!!!!!!

Hope to catch you around again sometime. Excellent!


May 16

Tonight was the 2nd time we had Forro's Pizza at Unity Dance Center for a fund raiser (in the pouring rain!). And again, it was delicious!! Thank you!


May 10

My first time enjoying this pizza… hands down one of the best I have ever had!! Great job!


🍕Our story🍕

After over ten years of making pizza pies for our awesome, friends and family, and creating an irresistible pizza, we as a family went mobile with our delicious slices. After countless hours of discussion, prayers, and planning, we invested in a Professional Wood Fired Pizza Trailer!!












This beautiful, custom-built trailer by “Food Truck Brit” Of Florence Kentucky has a self-sustaining professional kitchen space to prepare, cook, and serve our tasty pies using a Professional 3,000 Pound “Forno Bravo "Wood Fired Oven mounted on the back of the trailer. We are so excited for y’all to join us on this journey!! Come back here and contact us to plan out your next event and Follow Us To Local Businesses in the Area.


We are also available for Private Parties, Weddings, Corporate Outings, etc. Contact us for info and pricing.

Can’t wait to be a part of your next event to satisfy your pizza cravings!! Duh! We Know You Have Them. We Do Too. We Totally Get It! 😁

Pizza Dough

"Our Dough & Ingredients"

Steve, aka “PapaForro” Has been obsessed with making the best homemade pizza dough possible using the freshest blend of flours and ingredients resulting in a Soft And Crunchy, delicious crust and toppings that will leave you wanting More And More!  

We Use Nothing But The Best And Tastiest ingredients from local businesses and those that are committed to the highest quality products. We will never skimp on things just to try and save money because we know that
“Good Pizza Ain’t Cheap, And Cheap Pizza Ain’t Good”

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